Since 1987

In my work, and in what I’ve done, there is a real magic in the ritual of tattooing. Scott Campbell



Scott Campbell opened Saved Tattoo in 2005, which has since expanded to include eight other tattoo artists. Famous clientele includes Heath Ledger, Sting, Orlando Bloom, and Robert Downey Jr.

The idea

Caio started tattooing manually — as in a needle and no machines — over 40 years ago. He was in the business back when tattoos were for “sailors, prostitutes, and bandits.”


Joey Pang has a two year waiting list; unsurprising, considering she developed a brush-stroke technique of tattooing that resembles elements of traditional Chinese calligraphy.

As a tattoo is grounded on living skin, so its essence emotes a poignancy unique to the mortal human condition.A tattoo is a true poetic creation, and is always more than meets the eye.