Art of tattooing in Pakistan

For many years people have practiced the art of tattooing to depicts their cultures, traditions expressing their values, to convey messages, and to enhance their bodies with beautiful images.

Art of tattooing in Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country with beautiful people and art culture , since this falls in art and the imagination beyond the mind can think of , people in Pakistan come by to get their different concepts tattooed on their bodies specially at devilartstudio one of the oldest and best tattoo studio in Pakistan we have offices all over Pakistan. Surrounded by beautiful exterior and interior.The application of the ink in the skin has served as therapeutic for pain, and representative of rites of passages ; some customers want their beloved names inked on their body , some want symbol and some do it for acupuncture technique to relieve stress. The earliest human remains with evidence of tattoos date to over 5,000 years ago. The individual found in central Europe has various dots and small crosses even if we go in the ancient city of mohonjodero in district shikarpur, Sindh we have found human remains with evidence of tattoos.

Taboo in Pakistan, Yes it is considered as taboo and a restricted art not lawfully but religiously but eventually art is needed in the society. But nevertheless we as a nation need art to relieve our stress and indulge in the imaginary world we all dream to live in.

We at devilartstudio work import the best of products to give you the most satisfactory results for tattoos whether if you want a bird or a illustration of an image we do it here.

The Red , The Black , and The different colours we use to enhance the quality of the tattoo we prodivde you the best of the best.