Best tattoo artist in Pakistan

If you are looking forward to the best tattoo artist in Pakistan with 10 years of experience internationally and local than you look no forward as you have come to the right place follow him on instagram devilarstudio. Theoretically one has to look forward for quality equipement in case you wonder there might be several here, but devilartstudio ensures hygiene and follows international trends in order to give you the best tattoo service even we travel to your city if you provide all the expenses.

Asif Sultan also known as Devil is highly talented tattoo artist who works like a magic on your skin with the given time devil art studio has other tattoo artists on the panel as well.

Tattoos, in local Pakistan culture are not much welcomed however alot of rebelious people do get tattoos in Pakistan but selection of art is very much likely to be enhanced – at times creating a stir in the elders of the family.

Sultan has done his Master’s degree in Criminology and a Master’s degree in International Relations . He’s runs a design house side by side of doing this tattoo as its his passion to pursue the art of tattooing to provide the best service one is looking forward to.

Sultan’s concept of tattoo is to bring everyone under one umbrella of tattooing with justified pricings and the maintenance of quality not to mention the ever growing tattoo industry.

Sultan was the first one to bring the idea of tattooing in Pakistan after which alot of mushroom tattoo studios emerged.

When a client comes visiting the studio Sultan and his team ensure’s their comfort and privacy at first – coffee is served along with alot of designs are soughted out on the ipad so to get the best of the best available design – therefore located in the heart of DHA karachi Sultan has a huge trusted clientele with quality results.

Cosmetic tattoos

Sultan is a cosmetic tattoo expert bringing the best out of his knowledge he sums up making the best eyebrows or covering up any facial or bodily scars.

When a client comes he/she feels like home at the studio with the friendly staff.

Every month Sultan gets 100s of queries for conceptual designs

Regardless its a Tabboo in Pakistan, Sultan gets 100’s of queries for the tattoo and alot of visits some come for coverup some for a conceptual tattoo and some for random tattoos all are catered equally.

Some clients faint at the tattoo its like a 1% chance or a piercing

Sultan is an expert in piercing of all sorts with the equipement imported internationally he thinks tattoos and piercing should be introduced in the art colleges across so people can be trained accordingly.

Sultan has an advice for the new people getting a tattoo done

Regardless of getting a tattoo done one should always think twice before choosing a design since its permenant and only can be removed with a laser one should select the best tattoo art work accordingly.

In regards to the equipement involved, many Pakistanis hesitate to get the job done by local tattoo parlours but since Devilartstudio cannot compromise on quality of equipement – all the products are latest and imported from the best sellers in USA and UK.

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