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Realist Bird Done in Islamabad by Devilartstudio

A local customer of islamabad just wanted a simple bird tattooed little did he knew that the birds are the very embodiment of nature and they posses a range of distinct qualities that we humans aspire to have, at devilartstudio the Pakistan’s premiere tattoo studio we researched for him a perfect design.
We Intiated with an idea to add in a north star along with the bird as bird as free as the wind in the sky.Regardless of how tiny it is or where it’s placed. a typical bird tattoo on anyone will always inspire a great deal of beauty and attraction.However, the tattoo, in its very design, may symbolize freedom, nobility, beauty, love or elegance.
The client once satisfied with the design and after his approval we placed the trace using the best of products available in the market and started tattooing on the skin using the latest rotary machines with sterile catridges to give the finish required.