Gen Z tattoo looks like a nazi symbol

Generation Z tattoo

TikTok user has idea for a ‘Gen Z tattoo,’ then teens find out it looks like a Nazi symbol

The latest internet sensation , The Z symbol which looked similar like a Nazi swastika. Williams’ original video was memed dozen, maybe hundreds of times over. She received death threats and even a threatening phone call from different countries and people she didn’t know.

Since the world has evolved the threats have changed and could be a ‘serious problem’ for the tiktokers or social media people as you get visits from all over the world.

The German hate symbol the tattoo resembles is called a Wolfsangel and is used by neo-Nazis in Europe and the United states, India and Pakistan accordingly to the Anti-Defamation League.

What the TikTok’s reputation as a source for teens to post innocent dance videos is swiftly eroding away as the app takes on what could be a more permanent place in American culture, experts say. The app, still in the throes contributes just as a software agent brining artists together.

“This is the sort of a medium that we live in these days, where images and messages can be misinterpreted, and they’re so supercharged with the polarization, that it almost becomes guilty until proven innocent,” said Ari Lightman, professor of digital media and marketing at the University of Carnegie Mellon.

In many ways, Williams represents TikTok’s average user. She’s young, digitally engaged, generates mounds of content and appears to have no issue exposing her life to the world. One of her previous videos was a rant about her job. 

Engaging users like Williams, TikTok has surged in popularity in recent years after its parent company Bytedance took over the tween sensation in 2018 and branded it under a new name. The app is now used by a reported 100 million Americans – most of which are among the Generation Z population age 24 and younger. 

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