Tattoo Removal in karachi

Can IPL remove tattoos?Using an IPL Laser to treat a tattoo heats and melts the tattoo ink. It does not shatter it. The IPL Laser has a similar effect to tattoo ink, it makes it permanent in many cases as well as causing burns and blistering as the ink overheats within the skin.

Good quality Laser Tattoo Removal should never be decided on price alone. A tattoo can be safetly removed a scar cannot be removed – A scar cannot be removed.

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) tattoo removal Therapy

This is similar to a laser in that it directs a beam of light onto the skin which removes the top layer (epidermis). In this case it burns away the top layer of skin which contains your tattoo. The treated area then heals itself by producing new skin growth which also makes the tattoo less noticeable. Repeat treatments will cause the tattoo to fade away over time.

This type of treatment is less painful than laser tattoo removal and less harmful to the skin, but it can be more expensive as you are charged per pulse of light. So as you might imagine the more pulses of light you need, say in the case of a large tattoo, the more expensive it will be. If you have several large tattoos then it will prove quite costly!