Tattoo Removal (NEW)

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Getting a tattoo made is much cheaper then getting it removed, At Devil art studio we have introduced Tattoo Removal through different techniques much more cost effective and less pain.


1. Laser Tattoo Removal

2. Formulated Tattoo Removal

3. Herbal Tattoo Removal Cream








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Numerous Herbal and Imported Creams available on request costing from 200$ to 300$



Tattoo removal usually takes about 4-8 treatments from our laserLaser each one month apart. Each treatment is purchased in 10-minute time blocks that cost 20000PKR (200 $). Most small-medium tattoos can be covered in one time block. Larger tattoos may take additional time. You can purchase as many time blocks as you like each visit and we can even split up large tattoos if you like. Alternatively, we can cover the larger tattoos in 10 minutes, but you will experience a higher level of discomfort as we will not stop as much.

We offer a numbing cream for your tattoo removal that significantly reduces the discomfort for $5. We also offer an injected numbing agent that will completely eliminate discomfort for $25. If you like, we can remove the tattoo without numbing products. It is tolerable, but the discomfort can become fairly intense for larger tattoos. We will cover the tattoo as fast as you can handle so that you get the best value.

We also offer the option of a double-pulse treatment, which is two passes in the same visit. The result is nearly equivalent to two individual treatments, and can significantly reduce the time that it takes to fully remove the tattoo. The second pass is reduced in price because it takes less setup time, and is only $80 for each time block on the second pulse.





2 thoughts on “Tattoo Removal (NEW)

  1. Hasan May 22, 2016 at 11:35 pm

    Dear sir my name is hassan and i want to ask about tattoo removal which is christians cross 2 inches in size
    Could you tell me the charges of treatment and how much time and how many surgeries i need to remove that completely?
    Your kind answer will be valuable for me
    Thanks in advance

  2. Saad ali May 23, 2016 at 11:25 am

    My name is saad ali s/o mushtaque ahmed my cast is Awan
    Main tattoo remove krwana chahta hn ap mujhy fees bta dijiye

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