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Laser Tattoo Removal

Are you tired of your old ink? Tattoo removal can sometimes be such a long and painful process. Besides that, traditional tattoo removal techniques often leave residual scarring, which is so much worse! If you want to rid yourself of that old tattoo or new tattoo, finding the right treatment shouldn’t feel like such a hassle. The PicoSure® laser tattoo removal device is the most powerful tool currently on the market. This specialized laser is specifically made to offer gradual ink reduction and skin rejuvenation with no damage to your skin and no downtime.

icoSure® Focus/ PicoSkin
Achieving a more youthful appearance without the typical discomfort and downtime is now possible with PicoSure®. Organic Skin & Body Med Spa now provides this breakthrough technology to remove unwanted pigment, as well as treatment for wrinkles and acne scars. “Shatter the past…Reveal the future”.

How does PicoSure work?

The powerful PicoSure® laser is the most widely preferred tattoo removal product in the aesthetics industry. The PicoSure® works through the use of concentrated energy, breaking up pigmentation or tattoo ink to deliver fast-acting results. The laser’s beam works with your body, breaking up ink particles and allowing your immune system to naturally clear them from your skin.

PicoSure® sends short, concentrated pulsating beams of energy at skin imperfections to repair damaged skin. This energy also stimulates new collagen and elastin growth, which keep the skin hydrated and elastic. As your treated skin heals, the new skin that forms will be smoother, tighter, and younger-looking.

PicoSure® is the first generation of aesthetic lasers that do not rely solely on heat to burn away hyperpigmentation. Instead of building up heat, PicoSure® delivers rapid energy (in trillionths of a second) to break up the unwanted pigment in your skin without damaging the surrounding skin.

Which colors can PicoSure® laser tattoo remove?
PicoSure® laser tattoo removal targets all colors.

What makes PicoSure® Focus/PicoSkin treatment so unique?
It uses high energy instead of heat to selectively destroy under skin discolorations and promotes elastic production, which results in skin firmness and reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Selective targeting of problem areas with high energy instead of heat, which all other lasers use, leads to preservation of healthy skin and virtually no downtime after the treatment.

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Diploma Tattoo Course in Karachi

Tattoo Course 

Tattoo Course 


One of the most career-oriented tattoo courses that will equip you with basic to advance level Tattoo techniques. Unlike any other Tattoo Training Courses, it is a 360° training program designed to help aspiring artists like you to become a Pro Tattoo Artist.


Success Mindset Workshop

A workshop conducted by Asif Sultan on mind, body, & soul focuses on how to build a success mindset. This workshop will cover in-depth study of mind and body and help you reprogram your sub-conscious mind to take control of your involuntary actions which dictate your life and tweak it to become successful in your life. You will learn how to learn fast & absorb as much information as possible.

Fundamentals of Drawing

Fundamentals of drawing will focus on building a foundation in art to help you cope up with the advance section of this course. This module will not only build your foundation in drawing and sketching, but also help you build the razor-sharp focus and patience which is required to be come a successful Pro Tattoo artist.

Below are a few highlights of this module:

Foundation in Tattoo Art

This module will introduce you to the world of tattoo art. The focus of this module if to firstly pass on the tattoo culture and help you understand how the tattoo industry works/operates. You will have an hands-on experience working with various tattoo making tools. You will understand and learn fundamental processes involved in tattooing.

Below are a few highlights of this module:

Introduction to Digital Art

With the whole world going digital, the future of art & designing has transitioned from traditional art mediums to digital art. For tattoo artists, designing is crucial & something that could help them stand out. This module focuses on how to use digital art softwares. Students are provided free access to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to thoroughly learn digital art.

A few highlights of this module are as follows:

Business Management 101

Tattoo industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in India and worldwide, and business development, undoubtedly, plays an integral part. In order to make the most out of the career as a tattoo artist, one must master the art of business with the art of tattooing. This module covers different mediums of marketing & sales, customer management, etc.

Few highlights of this module are as follows:


Advance Level of Tattoo Art

This module is the most important one and covers advanced tattoo techniques like shading, texturing, etc. Advanced tattoo styles like photo-realism, sculpture, watercolour, animal & human portraits that make you a Pro Tattoo Artist are covered in this module. Students get to practice on synthetic as well as real skin and build their portfolio.

Here are a few highlights of this module:

Live Tattoo Demonstration

Observational Learning is one of the most effective ways of learning and we try to make the most of it by live tattoo demonstration lectures. Mentors demonstrate various full length tattoos during these live lectures, share their techniques & insights from their experience. These live lectures are interactive followed by a Q&A session.

Here are a few highlights of these lectures:


We believe in evolved learning and collaborative projects are one of the ways we adapt to for the same. It’s one of the most popular and effective ways for students to learn more and achieve more. This encourages students to work with each other and bring in their diverse cultures and perspectives on art to the table.

A few collaborative projects that we assign are:

Grading System/Progress 

Observational Learning is one of the most effective ways of learning and we try to make the most of it by live tattoo demonstration lectures. Mentors demonstrate various full length tattoos during these live lectures, share their techniques & insights from their experience. These live lectures are interactive followed by a Q&A session.

Here are a few highlights of these lectures:

Online/Offline Workshops

We conduct Tattoo Workshops which are focused on advanced tattooing, designing & business management. These workshops are interactive and highly focused on delivering maximum knowledge on tattoo techniques. Pioneered by Aliens Tattoo in the Indian Tattoo Industry, these are a great addition to our student’s journey.

A few highlights of this workshop are as follows:

Weekly/Monthly Feedback 101

We give utmost importance to the Feedback sessions and make changes to improvise and make the learning experience better for our students. Mentors run anonymous feedback/survey forms regularly after every lecture. One-on-one feedback sessions  are also conducted every month to understand the challenges faced by students.

Few highlights of these sessions are as follows:

Building Online Portfolio

For an artist, their Portfolio is an essential part of their journey. We help our students build a strong Portfolio that consists of different styles and level from Small Tattoos to big Hyper-Realistic tattoos. This Portfolio is created during the course and promoted online by us and spread within the tattoo industry. This gives a great head start to our students to start their career as a tattoo artist.

whatsapp us and enroll your self 03332999499

Vitiligo treatment in pakistan

Vitiligo is a skin disorder in which smooth white areas (called macules or patches) appear on a person’s skin. It generally starts on the hands, forearms, feet and face. Globally, about 1% or so of the population has vitiligo.

What is vitiligo?

Vitiligo (vit-il-EYE-go) is a skin disorder that causes the skin to lose its color. Smooth white areas (called macules if less than 5mm or patches if 5mm or larger) appear on a person’s skin. If you have vitiligo in a place that has hair, the hair on your body may also turn white.

The condition occurs when melanocytes (the skin cells that produce melanin, the chemical that gives skin its color, or pigmentation) are destroyed by the body’s immune system.

How does vitiligo progress?

Vitiligo usually begins with a few small white patches that may gradually spread over the body over the course of several months. Vitiligo typically begins on the hands, forearms, feet, and face but can develop on any part of the body, including the mucous membranes (moist lining of the mouth, nose, genital, and rectal areas), the eyes, and inner ears.

Sometimes the larger patches continue to widen and spread, but usually they stay in the same place for years. The location of smaller macules shifts and changes over time, as certain areas of skin lose and regain their pigments. Vitiligo varies in the amount of skin affected, with some patients experiencing few depigmented areas and others with widespread loss of skin color.

What are the types of vitiligo?

Vitiligo can be:

  • Generalized, which is the most common type, when macules appear in various places on the body.
  • Segmental, which is restricted to one side of the body or one area, such as the hands or face.
  • Mucosal, which affects mucous membranes of the mouth and/or the genitals.
  • Focal, which is a rare type in which the macules are in a small area and do not spread in a certain pattern within one to two years.
  • Trichome, which means that there is a white or colorless center, then an area of lighter pigmentation, and then an area of normally colored skin.
  • Universal, another rare type of vitiligo, and one in which more than 80% of the skin of the body lacks pigment.

How common is vitiligo?

Vitiligo occurs in about 1% or slightly more of the population throughout the world. Vitiligo affects all races and genders equally; however, it is more visible in people with darker skin. Although vitiligo can develop in anyone at any age, it most commonly appears in people ages 10 to 30 years. Vitiligo rarely appears in the very young or very old.


What causes vitiligo?

Although the causes of vitiligo aren’t completely understood, there are a number of different theories:

  • Autoimmune disorder: The affected person’s immune system may develop antibodies that destroy melanocytes.
  • Genetic factors: Certain factors that may increase the chance of getting vitiligo can be inherited. About 30% of vitiligo cases run in families.
  • Neurogenic factors: A substance that is toxic to melanocytes may be released at nerve endings in the skin.
  • Self-destruction: A defect in the melanocytes causes them to destroy themselves.

Vitiligo may also be triggered by certain events, such as physical or emotional stress. Because none of the explanations seem to completely account for the condition, it’s possible that a combination of these factors is responsible for vitiligo.

Is vitiligo painful?

Vitiligo is not painful. However, you can get painful sunburns on the lighter patches of skin. It is important to protect yourself against the sun with measures like using sunscreen, staying out of the sun during the hours that it is strongest, and wearing protective clothing. Some people with vitiligo have reported having itchy skin sometimes, including before the depigmentation starts.

Can I inherit vitiligo?

Vitiligo is not necessarily inherited. However, about 30% of people who have vitiligo do have at least one close relative who also has vitiligo.

What are the signs and symptoms of vitiligo?

Signs and symptoms of vitiligo include the following:

  • Patches of skin lose color. This can include the eyes and/or the mucous membranes in your mouth or nose.
  • Patches of hair on your head or face turn prematurely gray or white.

What problems are associated with vitiligo?

Although vitiligo is mainly a cosmetic condition, people with vitiligo may experience a variety of problems:

  • Because they lack melanocytes, macules are more sensitive to sunlight than the rest of the skin, so they will burn rather than tan.
  • People with vitiligo may have some abnormalities in their retinas (the inner layer of the eye that contains light-sensitive cells) and some variation of color in their irises (the colored part of the eye). In some cases, there is some inflammation of the retina or iris, but vision is usually not affected.
  • People with vitiligo may be more likely to get other autoimmune diseases (in which the body’s immune system causes it to attack itself), such as hypothyroidismdiabetes, pernicious anemiaAddison’s disease, and alopecia areata. Also, people with autoimmune diseases are more at risk for developing vitiligo.
  • People with vitiligo may feel embarrassed or anxious about their skin. Sometimes people are rude – they may stare or say unkind things. This could cause a person with vitiligo to develop low self-esteem. This in turn could create anxiety or depression issues and make someone want to isolate. If this happens, you should talk to your healthcare provider or your family and friends to help you find a solution.


How is vitiligo diagnosed?

Usually the white patches are easily visible on the skin, but healthcare providers can use a Wood’s lamp, which shines ultraviolet (UV) light onto the skin to help differentiate from other skin conditions.

What other conditions resemble vitiligo?

There are other conditions that make the skin change or lose These include:

  • Chemical leukoderma: Exposure to some industrial chemicals cause damage to the skin cells, resulting in linear or splotchy white areas of skin
  • Tattoo treatment: This yeast infection can create dark spots that show on light skin, or light spots that show on darker skin.
  • Albinism: This genetic condition means that you have lower levels of melanin in the skin, hair and/or eyes.
  • Pityriasis alba: This condition starts off with red and scaly areas of skin, which fade into scaly lighter patches of skin.

At devilartstudio we treat vitiligo through tattoo treatment book your appointment now.

Repigmentation therapy:

  • Corticosteroids can be taken orally (as a pill) or topically (as a cream put on the skin). Results may take up to 3 months. The doctor will monitor the patient for any side effects, which can include skin thinning or striae (stretch marks) if used for a prolonged period.
  • Topical vitamin D analogs.
  • Topical immunomodulators such as calcineurin inhibitors.

Light therapy:

  • Narrow band ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) requires two to three treatment sessions per week for several months.
  • Excimer lasers emits a wavelength of ultraviolet light close to that of narrow band UVB. This is better for patients who do not have widespread or large lesions since it is delivered to small, targeted areas.
  • Combining oral psoralen and UVA (PUVA) is used to treat large areas of skin with vitiligo. This treatment is said to be very effective for people with vitiligo in the areas of the head, neck, trunk, upper arms and legs.


  • Vitiligo can cause psychological distress and has the ability to affect a person’s outlook and social interactions. If this happens, your caregiver may suggest that you find a counselor or attend a support group.


How can I prevent vitiligo?

Since no one knows for certain what causes vitiligo, no one can tell you how to prevent it. In general, it is smart for everyone to practice safe sun exposure habits and to take good care of your skin.


What is the outlook for people with vitiligo?

About 10% to 20% of people who have vitiligo fully regain their skin color. People with the best chance of regaining skin color are those who are young, whose vitiligo reaches its peak in less than six months and is located mainly on the facial area. People who are less likely to regain their color are those who get vitiligo later in life on their lips and limbs, especially the hands.

Is vitiligo fatal?

No. And it is not in any way contagious, either.

Vilen Official tattoo done by a fan

vilen tattoo official
We here at devilartstudio pakistan branch #vilenofficial tattoo and what does it mean.

  1. left side is the devil wing.
  2. Right side is the Angel wing

A wing behind each face fills out the circular design. One side of the head would represent your angel, while the other side symbolizes your devil. A tat like this speaks about the dual nature of good and evil in every one of us.

You can still take a lot of license with the basic spherical design. For example, your angel and devil don’t need to be relegated to cut and dry halves. You can go with a slightly swirled teardrop motif, using each figure’s head as the drop and their wings as the tails that connect the outer halves of the circle. This design can be fairly innocuous, or you can choose to give a hint about which side you think is winning by giving the lighter or the darker power the upper hand.

Dark cloud Divide

Perhaps you like the entire angels and devils theme, but you’re not a hard core believer in either direction. In this case, you can take a lighter approach using cherubs and baby devils. A design of this style is kind of cute and feminine. Maybe they’re playmates, or perhaps even siblings? Maybe they’re childhood sweethearts about to go their separate ways? Tell your own story with your design.

Perhaps you like the entire angels and devils theme, but you’re not a hard core believer in either direction. In this case, you can take a lighter approach using cherubs and baby devils. A design of this style is kind of cute and feminine. Maybe they’re playmates, or perhaps even siblings? Maybe they’re childhood sweethearts about to go their separate ways? Tell your own story with your design.

Five ways to relieve stress instantly

  1. Rain sound put this music on with video

Rain is an instant relief listening to the music of the rain give you relaxation and it is believed the natural sound of the rain falling relieves your stress so listen to this music if you are looking forward for a good mind relaxation.

Feeling stressed? Everyone faces stress from time to time. However, long-term stress can build up and have an adverse impact on health. Taking steps to reduce and cope with stress can prevent these effects. We look at five of the best blogs that help with stress management.

Stress is a normal psychological and physical response to the day-to-day demands of life. The feeling of being overloaded with mental or emotional pressure can turn into stress when you feel unable to cope. While a certain level of stress can be motivational for one person, the same level may overwhelm someone else.

Too much stress causes the body’s defense system – known as “fight-or-flight” – to kick in. The nervous system releases a flood of stress hormones that include adrenaline and cortisol. This emergency stress response causes the heart to pound faster,  blood pressure to rise, muscles to tighten, and breathing to become more rapid.

Common causes of stress include work or school, major life changes, relationship difficulties, and financial problems. Finding ways to improve your overall ability to handle stress can help to deal with these stressors.

2. Short-term techniqus

Focus on your breathing

Breathing exercises offer many of the same benefits as meditation. They are an effective short-term stress reliever.

Breathing relaxation techniques allow you to detach yourself from stressful thoughts. You can then gain, enabling them to dissipate.

3. Excercise

Nothing beats exercise when it comes to stress relief. Maintaining your physical well-being by staying active keeps your body and mind in peak condition. Plus, physical activity gives your body a boost of endorphins. You can enjoy fitness courses at your local gym. Or you can explore virtual workouts on youtube and get involved in a new exercise regime from the comfort of your home.

Exercise is important

4. Eat Balanced

Stressful situations can prompt even the strictest of dieters to turn to refined carbohydrates and sugar for comfort. Unfortunately, these foods can make your blood sugar unstable this can cause health problems and make your stress worse in the long run so avoid eating unnecessary when you are stressed.

5. Sleep

Poor sleep can bring you Type 2 diabetes, depression, metabolic syndrome

Prioritizing your sleep means practicing excellent sleeping hygiene. You can do this by minimizing your exposure to light sources and screens at least an hour before bed. Keeping your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet and reserving your room for sleeping instead of using it for other activities are also key.

So sleep well fellows and have a balanced less stressful life.

sleeping in a dark room is important.

Top 13 Biggest Tattoo Shops in The World

Tattoos are a way of expressing your personality. At times, making this choice doesn’t work out as you wished. However, when making decisions about tattoos, ensure it’s the right decision. This is because the results can be permanent or of a lifetime. In this case, who you entrust with your body art matters a lot. Tattoo studios don’t become the biggest from poor work, they grow and grow from being the most efficient in the industry. The word ‘bigger’ in this context may refer to their physical size, the number of experienced artists and tattoo booths, along with customer turnover. With this criteria, the following are the biggest tattoo studios in the world.

1.   Celebrity Ink Tattoo Phuket

Celebrity Ink is a globally recognized tattoo studio in Phuket Thailand, it is also the biggest tattoo studio in the world. The artists are very passionate about their work but that’s just the beginning of Celebrity Ink’s reputation, They follow very strict guidelines when in the studio. They give expert, professional and honest advice for creating your new body art. They are fastly becoming recognized as one of if not the most famous tattoo studio’s in the world. Celebrity Ink tattoo studio in Phuket upholds an extremely high level of sanitation and sterilization standards which have been duplicated and approved methods as per the Professional Tattoo Association of Australia and they regulate the studio frequently to ensure that you get the best hygiene, service and of course tattoo.v

2.  Smith Street Tattoo Parlor

Located on Smith Street, in Brooklyn, NY, this tattoo parlor specializes in the American traditional style. In many people’s experience and opinions, it’s thought to be the best worldwide. You can book an appointment in advance or feel free to walk in and wait. You won’t regret walking in this parlor, you will have a perfect masterpiece of your imagination engraved into your skin. On another note, you will never leave the parlor with a bad tattoo, how badly you want it doesn’t count.

3.  Last Rites studio

This studio was opened up in 1998 by Paul Booth. It’s one of the best studios to get inked by some of the finest tattoo artists in the world if you advocate Booth’s Dark Dominion. It’s your destination for darker aesthetics. Guests can view the best of dark art in the last Rites studio and also watch tattoo artists at work. In this studio, your darkest depths are called through the powerful visual repute and dark ideologies. Surely, no soul leaves the contemplative unscathed.

4.  Tattoo Temple

In Hong Kong china, tattoo temple shop offers art that engages your soul. Genuine art is timeless that deserves perfection to forge tailored perfections that will be part of your life. This importance is only taken into consideration at Tattoo temple.

Tattoo temple has a pantry, bar, and a private consultation room. Every tattoo need is met at this studio. Standards are also upheld in high levels; this ensures that artists will skillfully bring your art to life as you marvel on the outcome. And upholding standards also applies to the client, shoes are removed upon entering this studio. Ink with certified pigmentation which is triple tested and imported from the Us ensures that hygiene standards are met whatsoever. Re-creation of portraits and skin tones using specialized ink is also performed in the Tattoo temple.

5. Devilartstudio

If you are in Pakistan, do not miss the devilartstudio since 2011 the shop indulges your soul. Genuine and timeless art – the tattoo has a place located in a very not so busy roof top with different tattoo artist – the owner however you can contact on whatsapp 0092 3332999499 and email :

6.      Toronto ink

Toronto Ink, found in Toronto, Ontario, is a multi-artist establishment that you can out your complete trust to when it comes to reworking tattoos basic lettering, cover-ups, and even extensive custom pieces. No one leaves Toronto Ink shop without happiness on their skin.

Toronto ink’s highly-trained cover-up artists who use laser tattoo removal techniques offer a wide variety of from modifying an existing tattoo to the removal of the tattoo. They have also offer laser hair removal services give our clients options when they want to modify or remove their tattoos. Toronto Ink also offers laser hair removal.

7.  Horiyoshi III Tattoo Museum

The HTM (Horiyoshi III Tattoo Museum) is a worldwide tattoo shop famously known for inking bodysuits tattoos. It’s owned by Hiroshi III. The bodysuit technique utilizes traditional techniques for shading and color. He is a traditional Japanese artist apprenticed with another master of the Japanese style. His name “Hori” is a title received from his master and means “to engrave.” His body suits comprise of Japanese motifs like tigers, dragons, koi fish, etc. You must be ready to open your wallet if you want a body suit engraved inti your body.

8.  Sleeve masters

 Referred to as the busiest tattoo shop in the world, is the Kings cross Sydney’s Sleeve masters tattoo shop. Since 1984, it’s responsible for inking thousands of sleeve tattoos and this makes it the most prevalent tattoo parlor in Australia. All types of tattoo are done here, from Celtic, biomechanical, tribal, traditional, new age, black shading to free hand artwork and so on.  Due to this, Sleeve masters has attracted clientele from all over the world as well as some of the world’s best tattoo artists. They are solely ultimately for beautiful tattoos in Sydney.

9.  Caio Tattoo

Packed with separately and sterilized tools in an autoclave, the Caio tattoo shop obeys all sanitary standards you will wish for in a tattoo shop. With a team of specialized professionals, this shops works with only the best products in the market to give tattoos of your reveries. Their toe caps are sanitized in ultrasonic washing machines which are loaded with enzymatic detergent. All other materials are disposable. Standards and great tattoos are taken care of to the optimum.

10.  Inkline Studio

Inkline studio gained fame because of renowned tattooist Anil Gupta. Inkline caters for custom and offers a unique tattooing needs. It all comes from one believe that any tattoo of your dreams can be turned into a reality with a vivid imagination and an open mind. In this studio, no tattoo is impossible to reproduce, whether it’s a Gupta original or a reproduction of a painting. With this concept, inkline studio redefines the artistry of contemporary tattooing.

11. Apocalypse Tattoo

Located in Seattle, the Apocalypse tattoo shop fame has outgrown it. Now, apocalypse is opening another studio in in Europe, this surely an environment where to sculpt a new home. The legacy of Apocalypse tattoo is what puts this shop on a map since January 2000. This new studio is something to look up for after it’s done.

12. Daredevil tattoo shop

once NYC legalized tattooing in 1997, a tattooing shop daredevil was opened. What makes this shop big is a museum of tattoos. It has a collection of personal antique tattoo memorabilia of over the last 27 years. The collection has artifacts of tattooing with original artwork by famous artists such as Bert Grimm, Samuel O’Reilly, George Burchett and many more. Original photos, antique tattoo machines, sideshow banners and news articles are also included in the collection.  Visitors are free to view the collection during regular working hours, what’s more amazing is that there’s no admission fee for viewing this legendary collection. This shop has several artists each with different styles of tattooing.

13. Three kings tattoo

Characterized by cleanliness, accommodation, and comfortable space, is the three kings tattoo studio. Found in Green point, New York, this tattoo shop offers appoints and on spot tattoos. With over 20 artists on board plus other guest artists, you are guaranteed to get a quality tattoo which is expensive of course. This studio has partnered with Tataway and you don’t have to worry about tattoo removal anymore. They offer the best removal services and lightening the old tattoo when you are in Green point.13 . Tin Tin Tatouages

Most Europe’s media celebrities have been tattooed in Montmartre, France by Tin Tin. After teaching himself in berlin during the military years, he traveled the world to learn more tattooing, he finally developed his own tattooing style. His art of tattoo has made his shop to stand out among other tattoo shops in Europe. The style is described as photographic illustrative which is responsible for taking the art of tattooing to a higher level. Magazines such as Elle and GQ have featured Tin Tin’s work. Many upcoming artists are currently learning under his watch. That’s how big photographic illustrative is.

Vitiligo : Should one get a vitiligo tattoo?

Should some one get a vitiligo tattoo the answer is not straight forward despite so many taboos related to vitiligo it is equally important to understand why one wants to get a vitiligo tattoo.The answer is not straightforward, and requires some discussion about the purpose of the tattoo, the stability of vitiligo, and the expectations of the patient. Some people want to tattoo a vitiligo spot with their skin color, so that it covers the spot and their skin looks even. Others want to tattoo a picture or phrase over their spots to serve as a distraction, and others just want to get a tattoo on a part of the body that doesn’t have spots, but they heard that it might make their vitiligo worse. I will address all of these options here, as well as their pros and cons.

Alternatively, I have seen many patients with tattoos over their vitiligo spots that are interesting pictures or phrases that become a distraction from the white spots, and these often work well. For example, one patient had the phrase “You are beautiful” tattooed over her vitiligo. Another person tattooed PRIDE on her back, with a purple ribbon representing vitiligo awareness as the “I” (see right, images used with permission). This approach does not depend on matching the skin color or shape of the spots, so it can work well. However any trauma or damage to the skin, including puncturing the skin with a tattoo needle, can worsen vitiligo at the site, or create a new vitiligo spot. This process is called koebnerization, which is common to see on the knees of children with vitiligo, for example, because they often fall, scrape their knees, and vitiligo appears. Another patient I saw with this was an avid mountain biker, who frequently banged up his legs, and had many vitiligo spots up and down his shins. This may or may not happen if you have vitiligo and get a tattoo, but it is more likely to happen if your disease is actively spreading, such that you are getting new spots or your old ones are getting larger. It is a particular risk if you tend to get vitiligo spots where your skin is damaged, from a burn or a cut, for example.

Alternatively, I have seen many patients with tattoos over their vitiligo spots that are interesting pictures or phrases that become a distraction from the white spots, and these often work well. For example, one patient had the phrase “You are beautiful” tattooed over her vitiligo. Another person tattooed PRIDE on her back, with a purple ribbon representing vitiligo awareness as the “I” (see right, images used with permission). This approach does not depend on matching the skin color or shape of the spots, so it can work well. However any trauma or damage to the skin, including puncturing the skin with a tattoo needle, can worsen vitiligo at the site, or create a new vitiligo spot. This process is called koebnerization, which is common to see on the knees of children with vitiligo, for example, because they often fall, scrape their knees, and vitiligo appears. Another patient I saw with this was an avid mountain biker, who frequently banged up his legs, and had many vitiligo spots up and down his shins. This may or may not happen if you have vitiligo and get a tattoo, but it is more likely to happen if your disease is actively spreading, such that you are getting new spots or your old ones are getting larger. It is a particular risk if you tend to get vitiligo spots where your skin is damaged, from a burn or a cut, for example.

vitiligo treatment in karachi by sultan

Vitiligo is a condition in which the skin loses its pigment cells (melanocytes). This can result in discolored patches in different areas of the body, including the skin, hair and mucous membranes. Vitiligo (vit-ih-LIE-go) is a disease that causes loss of skin color in patches.

At devilartstudio we use special inks to cover your vitiligo issues, the inks are all imported from good brands to ensure top of the line camouflage.

How is vitiligo treated? There is no cure for vitiligo. The goal of medical treatment is to create a uniform skin tone by either restoring color (repigmentation) or eliminating the remaining color (depigmentation). Common treatments include camouflage therapy, repigmentation therapy, light therapy and surgery.

This is a repigmentation theraphy in order to get an illusion using medical tattoo formation.

Picture of before the theraphy and after

After the skin inked tattoo exactly matched the skin

however, its not 100% but atleast it works in a good way despite requires two to three sittings it fixes the proportion and ensures and brings back the customer confidence.

our address is : 21 d 301 mujahid 10th street khada market dha phase v karachi.

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Sultan is an Expert Technician via Scalp Aesthetics, he is a karachi based tattoo artist expert in Aesthtics and has done his tattoo cosmetology from Tattoo school Thailand, Bangkok!

Scalp micropigmentation Pakistan offers you a realistic non-surgical approach to achieve fuller and non-visible scalp, where results are visible from the first sitting itself. SMP for men and women also works as an excellent treatment option when it comes to hiding the FUT, FUE, and other post-surgery scars. Through our services, we aim to provide the best hair loss treatment alternative for those of you who do not have enough donor hair for a transplant. Our process is long-lasting and is performed by experts certified ensuring optimum results. You can now also get beautiful denser brows with our high definition stroke English eyebrows.

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