Pakistani Celebrities with tattoos

Since the tattoo culture is spreading like a wildfire in the Pakistani culture, alot of celebrities have been seen with recent inks.

  • Syra Yousuf.
  • Eman Suleman.
  • Saba Qamar.
  • Qurat-ul-ain Baloch.
  • Meesha Shafi.
  • Rabia Butt.
  • Huma Khan.
  • Hina Altaf.

These are some names who recently joined in with the best inked tattoos .

People consider body art and tattooing to be a form of self-expression. While some use this artistic activity to make a bold statement, others practice it to wear part of their personality on their skin. Whatever the reason may be, tattooing is a fashion statement on its own.

Number one in the list is

  1. Syra Yousaf

Syra Yousaf is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in the Pakistani Cinema industry she has done numerous films and dramas till to this date. Over time, she has been seen as the highest fashion icon with different trends of make up and style looking spectacularly amazing.

02. Eman Suleman

She has some urdu calligraphy inked on her body with beautiful text cover the shoulder back with an inscription of some poetic version of shairy for more visit our instagram devilartstudio

03. Saba Qamar

Saba qamar has worked both in Bollywood and Lollywood staring with Irfran khan, she has been recently seen with a greek symbol on her back we still dont know the meaning of the tattoo but maybe it means strength.

04. Qurat-ul-ain Baloch

Qb has a great image for the art she is into sufi music, rock music and her voice is no less than Abida Parveen herself with a bold kanji tattoo scripted on her arm which does look remarkable and unique in its own way. She is the jack of all trades with music composition to singing in high notes.

05. Meesha Shafi

Mesha Shafi has stood in all grounds in context of verbally giving the experience of a different vocal notes which defines are personality in the different dimension of music. with a kanji symbol on her arm she closes a magical book this very picture follow us for more on instagram and get yourself tattoos from our studio.

06. Rabia Butt

Rabia butt is a top Pakistani model with the most beautiful bold looks she has a tattoo of tribal sun on her arm which has symbolizes something scripted.

07. Huma Khan

Huma khan is a brave actor who is known for taking difficult roles in Pakistani film industry. The actress has two tattoos that she flaunts one is this back piece and other is a butterfly on her pelvic bone.

08. Hina Altaf

Best drama artist has a special name inked on her wrist which became the talk of the town lately she has done wonders in the Pakistani Media Industry.

09. Ayaan Ali

Ayaan Ali has always hit a controversial side of lollywood with her connections with politicians she has remained a lime light , she has two tattoo one is on her back andone is on her arm.

Fatima butt with a dragon tattoo stands with her Husband Ahmed Ali Butt , dragon tattoos means power and freedom.